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Mr. Cricket, Musical Comedian from Dallas, TX

Booking: (469) 877-1954



could've been forever... could've been blue


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.: Biography of Mr. Cricket :.
Mr. Cricket's Real Name:  Dustin Michael Hagan

I used to stick my tongue out at my younger brother and try and talk at the same time.  This resulted in a goofy voice and a ridiculous facial expression that would not only make my brother laugh, but would also keep him from tattling on me whenever we got into a fight.  Soon a fictitious character started to take shape, and eventually my brother started calling him Mr. Cricket.

Why Mr. Cricket?
Good question, Tex!  My younger brother and I are both big fans of Daffy Duck, and every time Daffy Duck is in front of an audience and tells a joke... no one laughs.  Only the sound of crickets can be heard.  There were several times when I, or Mr. Cricket I should say, would talk in that goofy voice, make a face, and then my brother would try and keep from laughing.  Then he'd make the sound of crickets as if to emulate a scene from a Daffy Duck cartoon.

Who is Twibith?
That's Mr. Cricket's younger brother.  His real name is Travis, but since Mr. Cricket has trouble speaking, and spends most of his time in a state of utter disarray, he calls his brother Twibith.  The Definitions page is a helpful tool for making some sense of all the stuff Mr. Cricket keeps blathering about.  View Definitions

How can I make the Mr. Cricket face?
1. Open your mouth and curl the tip of your tongue behind your bottom front teeth
2. Stick the middle part of your tongue out
3. Open eyes real wide as if you're frightened or surprised
4. Now try to talk!

Visit the Fans Page to see other people's interpretations of the Mr. Cricket face.

What does Mr. Cricket sound like?
Mr. Cricket ruins everything from rap to folk music with his fractured views on modern life.  He loves to harmonize with himself and accompany his tunes with stupid electronic drum beats.

Visit the Music Page for some free mp3's.

Similar Artists:
Adam Green, Ween, Adam Sandler, Crosby Stills & Nash, Wesley Willis, Tenacious D, Paul Simon, Frank Zappa, Beck

Mr. Cricket's Favorite Artists:
Pink Floyd, Weezer, The Darkness, Eels, Simon & Garfunkel, Linkin Park, Andrew WK, The Zombies, Dishwalla, Simian, Flaming Lips, The Beach Boys, Puccini, Wesley Willis, Sum 41, Wilco, Turin Brakes

Favorite Comedians:
Mitch Hedberg, Jack Black, Will Farrell, Robin Williams, Krusty the Clown

Favorite Movies:
Red Scorpion, Kindergarten Cop, Friday, Mars Attacks, Bubble Boy, Punch Drunk Love, Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Falling Down

Favorite Shows:
The Simpsons, 24, South Park, Futurama, The Family Guy, Invader Zim

Favorite Food:  Taco Bell
Favorite Booze:  Whisky
Favorite Color:  Blue

coat hangers, blinking lights, Bowser, SUVs, dog farts, bad meat, spike pits, "nucular" war, and getting kicked in the groin

Bad Habits:
talks with his mouth full, says bless you when people fart, forgets to tie his shoes, screams at video games, breaks the controllers, laughs at other people's misery, forgets things, misplaces things, blames other people, calls people by other names, babbles

Last Seen:
Swerving in his car while shaking his fist and screaming

For more interesting facts about Mr. Cricket, please visit the Fun Page

Good News for people who like to see Mr. Cricket suffer!  Mr. Cricket is now officially a starving artist.  Sympathizers may utilize the two options below to help support Mr. Cricket.  Haters... continue rejoicing.

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Mr. Cricket, Musical Comedian from Dallas, TX

Booking: (469) 877-1954