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Mr. Cricket
Years Active 
Group Members  Dusty Hagan
Genres  Comedy
Styles  Comedy Rock, Novelty Lo-Fi
Tones  Playful, Earnest, Melancholy, Ridiculous
Labels  Mr. Cricket Enterprises (4)
Charts & Awards  None
by Murphy Likboots
Dallas, TX comedic songwriter, Mr. Cricket, made a huge mess in 2001 with his catchy pop ditty I Need To Take a Shit.  Despite only reaching about 6 people, the song somehow inspired him to write 19 more tracks and release Beware Dalmatus.  It did poorly.

With the release of Mr. Cricket's second album, The Moment Is a Masterpiece, came the dreaded launch of  The site only had about 4 visitors total and yet he was still asked to headline a gig at the Across The Street Bar.

Texas Hat, which only took about 1 week to record, was cranked out in October of 2003.  Mr. Cricket's following quickly increased to about 10, however, that number includes the amount of people trying to kill him.

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   1998  Untitled EP   Mr. Cricket
 2000   Beware Dalmatus   Mr. Cricket
 2002   The Moment Is a Masterpiece   Mr. Cricket
 2003   Texas Hat   Mr. Cricket
 2004   Could've Been Blue Mr. Cricket
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 2003   See   Mr. Cricket
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Karaoke   Pop Mix, Vol. 666 (2012) Performer 
Original Soundtrack   Bad Boys 3-D (2005) Producer, Performer
Original Soundtrack   How Nezbit Got Her Tits Back (1874) Performer
Original Soundtrack   Los Pantalones De Los Christos (2004) Performer 
Original Soundtrack   Party Girls from Outerspace (2015) Producer, Performer
Original Soundtrack   The Fall of Spanky (2009) Producer, Performer 
Various Artists   Hits Mix 5: The Worst of the 90's (1999) Performer 
Various Artists   Hits Mix 6: The Worst of the 00's (2009) Performer 
Various Artists   Songs From Hell, Vol. 3 (2001) Performer 
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  Bwernt  from   Beware Dalmatus 
  Reasons  from   Beware Dalmatus
  Kings of the Masquerade  from   Beware Dalmatus
  Dalpubbins  from   The Moment Is a Masterpiece
  Listen Children from  The Moment Is a Masterpiece
  Peace, Love, and Bitch  from   See
  See (featuring DJ Duck)  from   See
  Poot  from   Texas Hat 
  Palangelay  from   Texas Hat
  Yawp  from   Texas Hat


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Vibrant, Self-Motivated Sad Bastard, Murderous N/A
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  • Tenacious D
  • Wesley Willis
  • Michael Bolton
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Savatage
  • Song Parody
  • Neo-Psychedelia
  • Hip-Hop

Mr. Cricket was once set on fire by a disapproving audience member. The flames were extinguished as Mr. Cricket began to urinate on himself.

The audience member's name was Hank...  Hank Peters.



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