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Wesley Willis - Fabian Road Warrior THE WESLEY WILLIS SHRINE Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits Vol. 2
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Wesley Willis Remembered - Thoughts, stories, and condolences from Wesley's fans and friends
Alternative Tentacles Article  - Dear Friends and Fellow Weslynauts...
Rolling Stone Article - Street musician was a favorite of indie rockers...
Pitchfork Article - Wesley Willis Dead at 40




Wesley Willis Pictures




Wesley Willis Discography

Mr. Cricket's Review Key:

* = Redundant... even for Wesley.

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** = OK.  Might be worth a listen or two.

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*** = Pretty Good.  Worth owning if you're a fan.

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**** = Superb!  A wise purchase!

1993 (Wesley Willis)
Prison Shake
1994 (Wesley Willis)
Rev. Norb #1
1994 (Wesley Willis)
Rev. Norb #2
(Wesley Willis)
Machine Gun Kelly
1994 (Wesley Willis)
Double Door
1994 (Wesley Willis)
Mr. Magoo Goes to Jail
1994 (Wesley Willis)
Drag Disharmony Hell Ride
1995 (Wesley Willis)
Dr. Wax
1995 (Wesley Willis)
2000 (Beluga)
Rock Power
1995 (Wesley Willis)
Spookydisharmonious Conflicthellride
1995 (Urban Legends)
as The Wesley Willis Fiasco

Greatest Hits
1995 (Alternative Tentacles)
Highlights Include: 
Rock n Roll McDonald's, Outburst, I'm Sorry That I Got Fat, I Wupped Batman's Ass
Wesley Willis
1995 (Fuse)
Fireman Rick
1995 (Wesley Willis)
Daren Hacker
1995 (Wesley Willis)
2000 (Beluga)

Jason Rau
1995 (Wesley Willis)
1995 (Wesley Willis)
Atomic Records
1995 (Ghetto Love)
Wesley Willis Fiasco/Sublime EP
1996 (Skunk)
Tammy Smith
1996 (Wesley Willis)
Fabian Road Warrior
1996 (American)
Highlights Include:  Shoot My Jam Session Down, Alanis Morissette, Rock Saddam Hussein's Ass, Wesley Willis
Feel the Power
1996 (American)
Produced by The Dust Brothers!
Highlights Include:  Fit Throwing Hell Ride, Shoot Me in the Ass, Scream Dracula Scream
Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die
1996 (Oglio)
Mr. Magoo Goes to Jail Vol. 1
1996 (Wesley Willis)
Mr. Magoo Goes to Jail Vol. 2
1996 (Wesley Willis)
Mr. Magoo Goes to Jail Vol. 3
1996 (Typhoid Mary)
New York, New York
1996 (Wesley Willis)
Black Light Diner
1997 (Fuse)
Metal Clink Punishment Jail
1997 (Wesley Willis)
Rock 'n' Roll Jackflash
1998 (Wesley Willis)
w/ The Dragnews
SMD Promotions
1998 (Fuse)
w/ The Dragnews
Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
1999 (Alternative Tentacles)
Highlights Include: 
They Threw Me Out of Church, Fuck You, Birdman Kicked My Ass, Cut the Mullet, Stop The Violence, Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Dead End Street
1999 (Beluga)
w/ The Dragnews
Silver Fish Sea World
1999 (Wesley Willis)
w/ The Dragnews
Shake Your Piggy Bank
2000 (Coldfront)
w/ The Dragnews
Never Kill an Ape
2000 Wesley Willis
w/ The Dragnews
Guitar Rock of Ages
2000 (Wesley Willis)
w/ The Dragnews
Joe Hunter
2000 (Beluga)
w/ The Dragnews
Joe Hunter #2
2000 (Beluga)
w/ The Dragnews
Rush Hour
2000 (Alternative Tentacles)
Highlights Include:  Outburst, Boomerang, Fuck With Me and Find Out, I Whipped Batman's Ass, Shit and Fuck, Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up
Live EP
2001 (Skunk/Cornerstone R.A.S.)
as The Wesley Willis Fiasco
Full Heavy Metal Jacket
2001 (Artist Workshop)
Greatest Hits 3
2003 (Alternative Tentacles)
Enhanced CD w/ footage, photos, and artwork
Highlights Include:  Verbal Assault, Your Way Right Away, My Keyboard Got Damaged, Wrigley Field

Unsure about the following albums:

Kill Your TV Set
8 Beat Rock Guitar
Torture Demon Hell Ride
Tammy Smith
Fool's Gold

-- Thanks to Wolffy for providing the Mr. Magoo Goes To Jail Vol. 1 album art!!

* Please send all corrections and any album artwork you don't see listed to




Wesley Willis on DVD

The Daddy of Rock 'N' Roll
2003 (Music Video Distribution)
Directed by: Daniel Bitton
Running Time: 110 Minutes

Mr. Cricket's Review:  This documentary is fascinating in that it allows you to sort of walk a mile in Wesley's shoes.  For those who've never seen or heard of Wesley Willis, this might be a difficult watch.  For the rest of us enlightened ones... it's a masterpiece!  Watch as Wesley interacts with strangers on the bus, asks a woman at Kinko's to make copies of one of his more vulgar songs, and even tell a dog to say "RAH!" (rock).  Regardless of what you may think of him now, rest assured that after watching this DVD... your opinion of Wesley Willis will be forever changed.


Wesley Willis Art

The Dan Ryan Expressway - 1989

It's The Shoreline - 1996

Check out for more information and photos of Wesley Willis' art.



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